Well that was a mistake

FB-ing my ex mother in law was a dumb idea. I still fucking miss her and it still hurts. It’s strange how I miss my friendship with her more than my ex husband.

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Just fuck off already.

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Just shoot me now. Please and thanks.

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'Your Homosexuality. It Doesn't Matter'


Pope Francis has reportedly called a young gay Catholic man in France to reassure him about his sexuality. Christophe Trutino had written to the Pope to emotionally explain his inner turmoil in reconciling his sexuality with his faith, explaining how he was terrified he was going to hell for being gay, local media reported.

This new Pope is rejuvenating his tradition. It’s quite stunning. 

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Amazing Portrait and Figure Sculpture by Philippe Faraut

jesus christ this art.

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Dino Dim Sum.

Is this the grown up version of dinosaur chicken nuggets?

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It’s Fashion Week. You know what that means. We are this close to new Aila Wang making grown people look severely not stylish photos.

Your Fave might be able to read, but they could never. 

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I am a fucking shell.

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